51st VA Holstein Summer Show Results

August 28, 2017

*For more pictures from the Summer Show click Here*


This year’s Virginia Holstein Summer show was held Saturday, August 5 at the Rockingham County fairgrounds in Harrisonburg. It was a beautiful summer day that ran smoothly.  Judge Tim Abbott, from Enosburg Falls, Vermont placed over 100 head exhibited by both junior and adult Holstein members. Harvue Farm earned both the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners for the show. Sarah Craun, from the Junior showmanship division was named Master Showman and was presented a show halter by Remrose Holsteins.



A sincere thank you to all the sponsors for contributing to the show, including Farm Credit of the Virginias, Select Sire Power,  Southern States, Ashby Embryos, Ashby Herd Health Service, Augusta Cooperative, C & C Farmers Supply, Culpeper Farmers Cooperative, Dairymen Specialty, Dayton Vet Services, James River Equipment, Big Spring Mill Inc., Hammock Dairy Inc, Steve Zirkle: Ameva Farm, Hanover Vet services, Dogwood Farm, Eastview Farm, Harvue Farms, Heiz-Acres/Brittco Farm, MD/VA Milk Producers, Rockingham Cooperative,Ron-Rou Holsteins, Rilara Holsteins, STOX dairy, Jareco Farms, Loudon Milk Transportation, Roger Miller Auctions, Cool Lawn Farm, Jennings Gap Dairy, Nolandia farm, Ron-Rou Holsteins, Shamrock Farms, Stoney Run Farms Walkup Holsteins, and Wall Brothers Dairy.


Pee Wee Showing:, Alivia Hewitt, Trey Daubert, William Hewitt, Henry Hardesty                       

Senior Showing and Fitting: 1-Kelly Callendar; 2-Isabelle Leonard 3-Mykah Smith 4-Elizabeth Rhodes  5- Ezra Smith 6-Maya Apel 7-Nathan Pennell  8-Jordin Brown

9-Megan Day


 Intermediate Showing and Fitting: 1-Rachel Craun; 2- Hayley Daubert 3-Arlie Eye, 4-Julianne Snyder 5-Erika Anthony 6-JD Brown II 7-Landon Bailey 8-Meredith Day


Junior Showing and Fitting: 1-Sarah Craun 2-Joe Horn 3-Olivia Horn


Novice-1-Emery Nuckols 2-Bianca Brensinger 3-Maggie Toothman 4-Bryer Bryant 5-Ali Jones


Overall winner and recipient of Show halter presented by Remrose Holsteins (The Skeen’s)-SARAH CRAUN


Spring Calf (15): 1st Harvue Airlift Fifi-ET, Hardesty 2nd  OCD Armani Lincoln-ET*RC, Britt Kaiser (Robert Compton) 3rd Heiz-Acres HGD Alaska, Lee & Dale Heizer 5th and 1st  Jr-Spring-Run Exactly Jewel, Arlie Eye 9th and 2nd Jr-S-A-Z Byway Sweet Pea, Mykah Smith, 10th and 3rd Jr-Witchinghour WC GC Deeza, JD Brown II


Winter Calf (18): 1st and 1st Jr Windy-Knoll-View B Chanel-ET, Sarah Craun, 2nd Peaks-View Desired Tastee, Zachary Seekford 3rd and 2nd Jr Walkup Brokaw Shelby, Kelly Callender, 4th and 3rd Jr, S-A-Z Elude Avery, Maggie Toothman


Fall Calf (12): 1st  Harvue Duckett Drmn Gin-ET, Harvue, 2nd and 1st Jr.Keystone Sid Destiny, Rachel Craun 3rd and 2nd Jr. Wallmac Diamondback Nadine, Erika Anthony 11th and 3rd Jr. Raggi Primetime Caramel, Jordin Brown


Summer Yearling (9): 1st  Harvue Doorman Fantastic-ET, Hardesty, 2nd and 1st Jr Entourage-LC GD Ambrosia-ET, Julianne Snyder, 3rd Walkup Brokaw Raven, Zachary Seekford, 6th and 2nd Jr Eastview Riley June Bug, Maya Apel, 9th and 3rd Jr. Dan-Marsmith Rockw Joyclin, Bianca Brensinger


Spring Yearling (5): 1st Harvue-Duckett Arch Fifi, Harvue/Duckett, 2nd and 1st Jr. Arb-Flo-Spr Defiant Ara-ET, Julianne Snyder 3rd and 2nd Jr. Oakland-View Daytona-Red-ET, Sarah Craun,4th and 3rd Jr. Woodmansee LVG Deena-Red, JD Brown II


Winter Yearling (7): 1st Golden Oaks Latenight Lover (Beemer), Billie Jo Swope 2nd Harvue Beemer Viola, Hardesty 3rd and 1st Jr. Goldfawn-Bulldog Julie, Julianne Snyder, 4th and 2nd  Jr. STOX Alacazam Sugarplum-Red, Hayley Daubert


Fall Yearling (9): 1st Oakfield Golddust Taffy-ET, Derek and Brittany Heizer, 2nd and 1st Jr. Ron-Rou Atwood Alex, Rachel Craun, 3rd and 2nd Jr. S-A-Z Golden Dreams Abby, Mykah Smith 4th and 3rd Jr. Wallmac Gchip Kia Malorie, Erika Anthony


Junior Champion (Youth Show):    Rachel Craun-Ron-Rou Atwood Alex

Reserve Jr. Champion                      Erika Anthony, Wallmac Diamondback Nadine

Junior Champion (Open Show)      Harvue, Duckett Arch Fifi

Reserve Jr. Champion                      Harvue, Harvue Doorman Fantastic-ET




Junior Best 3 Females:         1 Harvue         2 Steve Zirkle             3 Eastview Farm


Dry Cows (2): 1st Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, Heather Shinn 2nd Arethusa Poinsetta-Red, Daniel Smith


2017 Two Year Old Futurity (3):    1st Harvue Brokaw Lavender, Hardesty 2nd Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki, Swope, 3rd Jareco Megasire Brinkley, Daubert


Jr. 2 yr. old (4):         1st  and 1st Jr Wallmac Atwood Joce Maria, Erika Anthony, 2nd Harvue Corvette Flo-Rida, Ashley Hardesty 3rd and 2nd Jr. Ran-Can Mc Beemer Daisy, JD Brown II, 4th and 3rd Jr. Greenmount MB Cinnamon-Red, JD Brown II


Sr. 2 yr. old (4):         1st Mar-Bil Carson Royal-Red, Brian Inman 2nd  Peace&Plenty Wbrk Ragae-ET, Skeen, 3rd and 1st Jr. Walkup Dempsey Tasha, Kelly Callender, 4th and 2nd Jr C-Rhodes-FT Ladd Vienna*RC, Elizabeth Rhodes


Jr. 3 yr. old (5):         1st and 1st Jr Colebelle Ladd Leia-Rae-Red, Isabelle Leonard, 2nd and 2nd Jr Walkup Ladd Lucy-Red, Kelly Callender 3rd Sunspark Apple Crumb-Red-ET, Swope,


Sr. 3 yr. old (4):         1st  Harvue Airlift Vick, Hardesty 2nd and 1st Jr Arb-Flo-Spr Dude Tang, Julianne Snyder 3rd and 2nd Jr. Ron-Rou Atwood Rosie, Rachel Craun


4 yr.old (4):    1st and 1st Jr. S-A-Z Goldsun Bettina, Mykah Smith 2nd River-Mtn Braxton 12120, Rachel Smith 3rd and 2nd Jr. S-A-Z Goldsun Fancy, Ezra Smith


5 yr. old (2): 1st Harvue Atwood Dena, Davey Hardesty 2nd and 1st Jr. White-Switch Lboy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert


Aged Cow (3): 1st Jennings-Gap Scre Macey-Red, Billie Jo Swope, 2nd Lo-Pine Amazing Monica, Terry Perotti, 3rd and 1st Jr Garlic-Hollow Zade Maddy, Elizabeth Rhodes


100, 000 lb. cow (1):  1st Mar-Bil Colby GiGi-ET, Mar-Bil Farms


Senior and Grand Champion (Youth) and recipient of the Bob McComb Memorial Award:            Arb-Flo-Spr Dude Tang, Julianne Snyder (Sr. 3 yr old)


Reserve Sr. Champion (youth)        Colebelle Ladd Leia Rae-Red, Isabelle Leonard (Jr. 3 yr old)





Sr. and Grand Champion (open) and Best Udder of the Show: Harvue Atwood Dena, Davey Hardesty (5 yr old)


Reserve Sr. and Reserve Grand champion   Harvue Airlift Vick, David & Debbie Hardesty (Sr. 3 yr old)




Best Bred and Owned (open and youth): Dr. William Etgen Memorial Award sponsored by Dairy Club at VT                                 

 Open-Grand Champion-Harvue Farm

Youth: Reserve Grand Champion-Isabelle Leonard


Dam and Daughter:    1 Harvue  2 Hayley Daubert 3 Skeen/Heizer              

Produce of Dam:         1 Harvue 2 Hayley Daubert

Best 3 Females:          1 Harvue

Breeders Herd:            1 Harvue


Premier Breeder and Exhibitor          Harvue Farm



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