53rd VA Holstein Summer Show

August 4, 2019

On Saturday, August 3th, the Virginia Holstein Summer show was held at the Rockingham County fairgrounds in Harrisonburg.  Judge Matt Hawbaker from Interstate heifer care in Clear Spring, Maryland placed over 60 head exhibited by both junior and adult Holstein members. Walkup Holsteins of Harrisonburg earned both the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners.


A sincere thank you to all the summer show sponsors for their contributions: Farm Credit of the Virginias, Cargill, Inc,  C Squared Show Cattle, Ashby Embryos, Ashby Herd Health Service, Augusta Cooperative Farm Bureau, C & C Farmers Supply, Colebelle Farm, Cows-N-Corn, Dairymen Specialty, Feedworks USA, Greenmount Grain Roasting, Greenmount Heritage, Janney Holsteins, Lo-Pine-VA, Mar-Bil Farms, McComb Family, Moo Thru, Premier Select Sires, Steve Zirkle: Dogwood Farm, Eastview Farm, Harvue Farms, Rockingham Cooperative, Ron-Rou Holsteins, Cool Lawn Farm, Stoney Run Farms, Virginia Tech Dairy Club, Walkup Holsteins, and Wall Brothers Dairy.


Pee Wee Showing: Heidi Hardesty, Sedona Sifford, Kenzie Dellinger, Henry Hardesty, Trey Daubert         

Senior Showing and Fitting: 1-Kelly Callender; 2-Julianne Snyder 3-Madison Sifford 4-

Erika Anthony 

 Intermediate Showing and Fitting: 1-Rachel Craun 2- Salem Sifford 3-Sarah Craun 4-J.D. Brown II 5-Hayley Daubert 6-Ayla Janney

Junior Showing and Fitting: 1-Maggie Toothman 2-Bryer Bryant 3-Jess Jordan

Novice-1-Austin Eye 2-Avery Cocke 3-Mason Nuckols 4-Marissa Nuckols

Overall showmanship winner and recipient of a Show halter presented by Remrose Holsteins (The Skeen Family)-Kelly Callender




Spring Calf (10): 1st Harvue Blake Emily Grace, Matt/Heidi Hardesty 2nd  and 1st Jr Jennings-Gap Amara-Red-ET, Sarah Craun 3rd Jennings-Gap Annie-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes 4th and 2nd Jr Eastview Icing Donut-ET, Bryer Bryant  5th and 3rd Jr  Jordan Bros Doorman Shayna, Austin Eye 


Winter Calf (9): 1st DucketHarvue Drmn Gypsy-ET, Hardesty 2nd and 1st Jr Harvue Unix Lizzie, Madison and Salem Sifford 3rd and 2nd Jr  JBR Zora Elude Ammo, Maggie Toothman 4th Stox Undeniably Gigi 17-TW, Jeremy and Becky Daubert  5th and 3rd  Jr. Ron-Rou Defiant Reba*RC, Sarah and Rachel Craun


Fall Calf (9): 1st and 1st Jr Wooden-Bridge Caroline-ET, Ayla Janney 2nd Harvue Undenied Foxygirl-ET, Matt Hardesty 3rd Jennings-Gap Dman Empress, Billie Jo Rhodes 4th and 2nd Jr Keystone Solomon Amanda-ET, Rachel Craun  5th Harvue Undenied Foxglove-ET, Cole Strickland 6th and 3rd Jr Witching Hour GC Carson, Jordin Brown


Summer Yearling (7): 1st and 1st Jr Harvue Jordy Bahama-Red, JD Brown II 2nd and 2nd  Jr Ron-Rou Defiant Destin-Red, Sarah Craun 3rd and 3rd Jr Central-GA AT Ritz-ET, Rachel Craun  4th and 4th Jr Middland-View JB PB Pie-ET, Hayley Daubert 5th S-A-Z Pretty Capital Gain, Mykah Smith


Spring Yearling (6): 1st Harvue Doorman France-ET, Ashley/Henry Hardesty, 2nd Harvue Doorman Florence-ET, Ashley Hardesty  3rd and 1st Jr  Wallmac Kingboy Juli Alice, Julianne Snyder 4th and 2nd Jr Walkup Delight Trish, Kelly Callender  5th and 3rd Jr RC-LC Loyola Victoria-Red, Erika Anthony


Winter Yearling (6): 1st  and 1st Jr Car-J Leverage Belong, Madison/Salem Sifford 2nd and 2nd Jr Jennings-Gap S Ariel-ET*RC, Rachel/Sarah Craun  3rd and 3rd Jr Stox Defiant Sapphire-Red, Hayley Daubert 4th and Toyland Defiant Stella, Heather Shinn 5th and 4th Jr. Clarmay Syracuse Eleanor, Jess Jordan


Fall Yearling (6): 1st DucketHarvue Slmn Gaby-ET, Hardesty  2nd and 1st Jr Harvue Solomon Selena, Madison/Salem Sifford  3rd Toyland Jacoby Sangria-ET, Heather Shinn 4th and 2nd Jr. Janney Dman Gin n Rose, Ayla Janney 5th and 3rd Jr KJHPII Ammo Leilo-P-Red, Maggie Toothman


Junior Champion (Youth Show):    Ayla Janney with Wooden-Bridge Caroline-ET

Reserve Jr. Champion                   Madison and Salem Sifford Harvue Unix Lizzie



Junior Champion (Open Show)      Ashley/Henry Hardesty with Harvue Doorman France-ET

Reserve Jr. Champion                   Harvue with DuckettHarvue Drmn Gypsy-ET




Junior Best 3 Females (4):   1 Harvue         2 Jennings Gap           3 Hayley Daubert


Dry Cows (1): 1st and 1st Jr. White-Switch Lboy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert


2019 Two Year Old Futurity (1):    1st and 1st Jr Stox Agent Star 160-Red, Hayley Daubert


Jr. 2 yr. old (2):         1st  Jennings-Gap O Appletini*RC, Billie Jo Rhodes 2nd and 1st Jr  RC-LC Diamondback Paula, Julianne Snyder


Sr. 2 yr. old (3):         1st and 1st Jr Savage-Leigh Style-In-ET, Ayla Janney 2nd  and 2nd Jr  Stox Agent Star-Red, Hayley Daubert 3rd and 3rd  S-A-Z Elude Avery, Maggie Toothman


Jr. 3 yr. old (1):         1st and 1st Jr Walkup Defiant Liberty, Kelly Callender


Sr. 3 yr. old (1):         1st  and 1st Jr Pleasant-View Shot Ohanna, Salem/Madison Sifford


4 yr. old (2):              1st Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki, Jennings Gap Dairy 2nd and 1st Jr Wallmac Atwood Joce Maria, Erika Anthony


5 yr. old (1): 1st and 1st Jr Walkup Ladd Lucy-Red, Kelly Callender


Aged Cow (2): 1st and 1st Jr. Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, Rachel Craun 2nd Walkup Braxton Amber, Walkup Holsteins


Senior and Grand Champion (Youth) and recipient of the Bob McComb Memorial Award:       Erika Anthony with Wallmac Atwood Joce Maria

Reserve Sr. and Grand Champion (youth)

Salem and Madison Sifford with Pleasant-View Shot Ohanna



Best Bred and Owned of the youth show (sponsored by VT Dairy club): Hayley Daubert-Stox Agent Star 160-Red


Sr. and Grand Champion (open) and Best Udder of the Show:

            Jennings Gap Dairy with Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki

Reserve Sr. and Reserve Grand champion :




Erika Anthony with Wallmac Atwood Joce Maria

Best Bred and Owned of the open show: Billie Jo Rhodes with Jennings-Gap O Appletini*RC


Dam and Daughter (3):           1 Kelly Callendar  2 Hayley Daubert 3 Maggie Toothman            Produce of Dam(6)     :           1 Harvue 2 Harvue 3 Heather Shinn

Best 3 Females(3)      :           1 Walkup Holsteins

Breeders Herd:                        1 Walkup Holsteins


Premier Exhibitor AND Premier Breeder                  Walkup Holsteins



For more pictures from the show, visit the Summer Show Page on our website.

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