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2020 Virginia Holstein Show Report

2020 Virginia Holstein Show

August 1st at the Rockingham Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA

The show committee is very thankful to all sponsors, volunteers and exhibitors.

PLATINUM Sponsors ($300+): The Dairy Alliance, Pendleton Community Bank, Roger Miller auctions and appraisals, VA Farm Bureau, FeedworksUSA, Premier Select Sires, Local Seed Co, Southland Dairy Farmers, Farm Credit, J&J PortaPotty, Inc.

GOLD Sponsors ($200-299): Houff Corporation, Merck, Udder Comfort, Rockingham Cooperative, Jennings Gap Dairy

SILVER Sponsors ($100-199):, First Citizens Bank, CFC Farm and Home Center, F&M Bank, Stoney Run Farms, Augusta Cooperative Farm Bureau Inc. C Squared Show cattle, First Bank and Trust Company, Interactive Consulting.

BRONZE Sponsors (up to $99): ColeBelle Farm, Dogwood Farm, Eastview Farm, Grassmoor Holsteins, Greenmount Grain Roasting, Greenmount Heritage, LLC, Harvue Farms, Heiz-Acres, J Team Dairy, James Branch Ranch, Janney Holsteins, Lo-Pine-VA Holsteins, Marty and Jess Harris, Mill Wheel Show Clinics, Patti and Kevin Craun, Remrose Holsteins, Richlands Dairy, Rilara Holsteins, Ron-Rou Holsteins, STOX Dairy, Tom and Joy Crothers, Walkup Holsteins, Wall Bros Dairy, Virginia Tech Dairy Club

*Exhibitor Meals sponsored by: The Dairy Alliance, Augusta DHIA, Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, VA Farm Bureau.

*Showmanship Clinic Sponsors: Farm Credit, Mill Wheel Show clinics, Feedworks USA, J&J PortaPotty, Inc. and products featured from Heiniger, Nasco and Weaver Leather.

*FARM CREDIT also sponsored a youth gift to each junior showing in this show.

Spring calves (13)-sponsored by C Squared Show cattle

1st and BBO-Harvue Denver Francesca-ET, David and Debbie Hardesty, 2nd and 1st youth-Janney Awesome Sweet Style, Ayla Janney, 3rd Jennings- Gap D Aliyah-Red-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes, 7th and 2nd youth-La-Ha Archrival Layla, Daniel Laing/Catherine Melcheck, 11th and 3rd youth-NC-MTN Unix Ruth, Kylee Seats

Winter calves (20)-sponsored by Heiz-Acres

1st open and youth-PWW Jordy Coco-Red, Madeline Branch, 2nd and 2nd youth-Stox Altitude Snowflake-Red, Hayley Daubert, 3rd Jennings Gap O Adora-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes, 4th and 3rd youth-Harvue Doc Gold, Carly Gallahan

Fall calves (10)-sponsored by Lo-Pine-VA holsteins (Terry Perotti)

1st Harvue Diamondback Fritz, Ashley Hardesty, 2nd Reyncrest Avalanche Pixie-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes, 3rd Harvue Undenied Flash-ET, David and Debbie Hardesty, 4th and 1st youth- Stox America Savana-Red, Hayley Daubert, 5th and 2nd youth-Harvue Flashy Lee, Sedona, Salem and Madison Sifford, 6th and 3rd youth-Jy-Ro Unix Levi, William Hewitt

Summer yearlings (4)-sponsored by ColeBelle Farm

1st Harvue Dback Firework-Red, Harvue Farm, 2nd and 1st youth-MD-Maple-Lawn Tatoo Clara, JD Brown II, 3rd-Heiz-Acres Beemer Freda, Lee and Dale Heizer, 4th and 2nd-Buffalo-Creek Crzytrain-Red, Salem and Madison Sifford

Spring yearlings (10)-sponsored by Greenmount Heritage, LLC

1st and 1st youth-Eastview Icing Donut-ET, Bryer Bryant, 2nd and 2nd youth-S-A-Z Aristocrat Ruby*RC, 3rd and 3rd youth-Janney Doorman Balue, Ayla Janney

Winter yearlings (8)-sponsored by Remrose Holsteins

1st Stox Undeniably Gigi 175-TW, Jeremy and Rebecca Daubert, 2nd Heiz-Acres Damion Vibes, Lindsey Heizer, 3rd and 1st youth-Stox Unstopabull Pearl-Red, Hayley Daubert, 5th and 2nd youth-Harvue Unix Lizzie, Sedona, Salem and Madison Sifford, 7th and 3rd youth-JBR Zora Elude Ammo, Maggie Toothman

Fall yearlings (11)-sponsored J-Team Dairy

1st and BBO-Heiz-Acres Atwd Grasshopper, Lee and Dale Heizer, 2nd and 1st youth-Keystone Solomon Amanda, Rachel Craun, 3rd Heiz-Acres Corvete Fishstix, Derek and Brittany Heizer, 4th and 2nd youth-Harvue Undenied Fairfax-ET, Salem and Madison Sifford, 5th and 3rd youth-Wooden-Bridge Caroline-ET, Ayla Janney

JR champion-youth show-Madeline Branch-$75 cash prize sponsored by UDDER COMFORT

Reserve JR champion-youth show- Hayley Daubert-sponsored by Tom and Joy Crothers

JR champion-open show-Harvue Farm-$200 cash prize sponsored by Roger Miller Auctions

Reserve JR champion-Jennings Gap-sponsored by Marty and Jess Harris

JR Best 3 Females-sponsored by C-Squared Show cattle

1st Harvue Farms 2nd Heiz-Acres 3rd Hayley Daubert

Dry Cow (1)-sponsored by Greenmount Grain Roasting

1st Eastview Kate Pumpkin, Jeremy and Rebecca Daubert

JR 2 year old (3)-sponsored by Grassmoor Holsteins

1st BBO and Best udder-Stox Undeniably Kokomo, Jeremy and Rebecca Daubert, 2nd Remrose Solomon Flame, Barrett Heizer, 3rd and 1st youth-Harvue Jordy Bahama-Red, JD Brown II

SR 2 year old (6)-sponsored by Dogwood Farm

1st , BBO and 1st youth-Harvue Solomon Selena, Madison and Salem Sifford, 2nd Toyland Jacoby Sangria-ET, Heather Shinn, 4th and 2nd youth-Jennings Gap S Ariel-ET, Sarah and Rachel Craun, 5th and 3rd youth Ron-Rou Atwood Clarisse, Rachel Craun

JR 3 year old (1)-sponsored by Richlands Dairy

1st and BBO-Jennings Gap O Appletini*RC, Billie Jo Rhodes

SR 3 year old (3)-sponsored by Harvue Farms

1st and 1st youth, Best Udder-Savage-Leigh Style In-ET, Ayla Janney, 2nd and 2nd youth-S-A-Z Elude Avery, Maggie Toothman, 3rd Remrose Attorney Renegade, Derek and Brittany Heizer

Four year olds (3)-sponsored by Janney Holsteins

1st and best udder-Rilara Mizzou Leah Alstar, Stoney Run Farms Inc, 2nd Justa-Beauty Awe Brandi-Red, Mar-Bil Farms, 3rd SISYN SS 255 358F-ET (supersire), Mar-Bil Farms

Five year olds (3)-sponsored by Kevin and Patti Craun

1st, Best udder-White Switch ABS Steph-Red, Daubert’s, 2nd Pottsdale Defiant Sunni-Red, Jeff Smith, 3rd Jareco Megasire Brinkley, Daubert’s

Aged cows (2)-sponsored by STOX Dairy

1st and best udder-Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki, Jennings Gap Dairy, 2nd and 1st youth (BBO)-Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, Rachel Craun

100,000 cow (1)-sponsored by Stoney Run Farm, Inc.

1st and 1st youth-White-Switch Lboy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert

SR Champion-youth show-Ayla Janney-sponsored by James Branch Ranch

Grand Champion-youth show-Ayla Janney, $125 cash award sponsored by UDDER COMFORT and award sponsored by Grassmoor Holsteins (The McComb’s)

Reserve SR Champion-youth show-Salem and Madison Sifford- sponsored by J&J PortaPotty, Inc., Reserve Grand Champion-Sifford’s, sponsored by Mill Wheel Show Clinics

SR Champion-open show-Ayla Janney-sponsored by Wall Bros. Dairy

Also-Grand Champion-open show- $400 cash prize sponsored by Roger Miller Auctions

Reserve SR Champion-open show-Jennings Gap-sponsored by Stoney Run Farm, Inc.

Also-Reserve Grand Champion-open show-sponsored by Stoney Run Farm, Inc.

Best Udder of Show-Ayla Janney’s 3 year old, sponsored by Rilara Holsteins

Best Bred and owned-youth show-Rachel Craun, sponsored by VT Dairy Club

Best Bred and owned-open show-STOX Dairy, sponsored by J&J PortaPotty

Dam & Daughter-sponsored by Ron-Rou Holsteins

1st Ayla Janney 2nd Madison and Salem Sifford 3rd Hayley Daubert

Produce of Dam-sponsored by Walkup Holsteins

1st Jennings Gap 2nd Harvue 3rd Jennings Gap

Best 3 Females-sponsored by Eastview Farm

1st Jennings Gap

Breeders Herd-sponsored by J&J PortaPotty Inc

1st Jennings Gap




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