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2019 Virginia Holstein Annual Membership Meeting

December 14,  201       For pictures from the meeting click here:  2019 Ann Meeting Pics

2018 Virginia Holstein Annual Membership Meeting

December 1,  2018       For a complete report visit the blog post: 2018 Annual Meeting

2017 Virginia Holstein Annual Membership Meeting

November 18, 2017       For a complete report visit the blog post: 2017 Annual Meeting and Pictures

2016 Virginia Holstein Annual Membership Meeting

November 18-19, 2016      Stonewall Jackson , Staunton, VA

Visit the 100th Anniversary Page for pictures from the Annual Meeting.

2015 Virginia Holstein Annual Membership Meeting

December 4-5, 2015      Holiday Inn, Staunton, VA

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2014 Virginia Holstein Annual Meeting

By Terry Perotti, Promotion Chair


This year’s annual convention was held November 15, 2014 in Staunton, Virginia at the Holiday Inn Golf and Conference Center. Saturday morning began with registration, followed by a program presented by Zoetis representatives, Brittany Thompson and Laura Elliott. It was an informative presentation discussing genomic predictions with the Enlight program. Enlight is an online, management tool designed to help the Holstein dairy producers more effectively manage their herd genetics. It consists of a user friendly “dashboard” that highlights the dairy’s top females, both ranked by TPI and Net Merit. Herd reports can also be printed from it. Zoetis has a partnership with the Holstein Association and producers must have basic membership with Holstein USA to participate. Gayle Carson reported that 416 herds were enrolled in Enlight. Zoetis processed 20,000 genetic tests just in the month of October, 2014 alone.  There is a growing trend to use this type of technology.


After the Zoetis presentation, Mike Hendrix and Dr. Richard Wilkes gave an update on the National ID program.  As of January 1st, the 15 digit #s will be on the Holstein tags similar to the RFID tags.  There was discussion about the requirement of having all animals identified when they leave the farm, even bull calves. It was recommended dairy steers have ID, but not necessarily require an official tag.


For the annual business meeting, Vice President, Bernard Koogler welcomed everyone and worked through the agenda.  Becky reported that there have been 200 visits a month to the Virginia Holstein website that Becky Daubert is maintaining.  Randy Inman reported the high selling animal at the VA Sale of Stars brought $9,200 and income totaled around $3,170.  A few board members brought up the need for nominations by January of 2016 for our region (Gayle Carson’s office) to Holstein USA.  An endorsement from the State Association helps tremendously and at least two candidates are needed.


At the awards luncheon, Margie Ann Dick was recognized for her 35 years of service to the Virginia Holstein Association. Lois Skeen gave an impressive summary of all Margie Ann’s accomplishments and presented her with a couple gifts.  Then, Barbara Wagner presented the Meritorious Service award to the Dick and Leonard families. Thank you to sponsors Riley and Barbara Wagner, Rilara Holsteins for continuing to sponsor this award.


The Juniors also had their contests (speech and dairy jeopardy) during the adult meetings. Hayley Potts gave a report during the lunch on all the accomplishments of the Virginia junior membership.


We are thankful for the supportive sponsors of this annual meeting-Ashby Embryos, Big Spring Mill, Inc., C & C Farm supply, CFC Farm and Home center, Dairymen Specialty Company, Inc.,Dayton Veterinary Services, Inc., Doug and Janice Mayhugh, Farm Credit, First Bank and Trust Ag Credit, G & M Sales, Greenmount Grain Roasting, Hanover Veterinary Services, Inc., James River Equipment, Joe Stowers-Blue Seal, Loudoun Milk Transportation, MD-VA Milk Producers, Renaissance Nutrition, Southern States, Stox Dairy, Terry Perotti-ABS Global, VA-NC Select Sire Power, Inc.


Progressive Genetics Herd Award recipients: Mar-Bil Farms, James Cook, Eastview Farm, Melvin Ronk, Monta Vista, Inc., Byard Rohrer, Allen Layman, Alvis Farm LLC, Seth and Ruth Jamison,Virginia Tech Foundation, Kenneth Smith, Robert Stoots, Leland Keith Moyer, and Craig Rodes


Cow and Herd Awards:

High VA TPI cow-David and Debra Hardesty, Berryville, VA        Harvue Tango Evies Diamond\TPI 2518

High VA NM cow-Carmen Syndicate, Madison, VA           Car-Synd Mnt 969 247M-ET\NM 954

Highest BAA>200 cows-James and Jennifer Cook, Penhook, VA   105.7

Highest BAA 100-200 cows-Melvin Ronk, Roanoke, VA                108

Highest BAA<100 cows-David Tait, Grottoes, VA                          114.8

High Scoring cow-Gloryland Lexie Rae-ET EX 95, David Tait in Grottoes, VA

Rolling Herd Average, Associate member-Cresthaven Farms, Galax, VA

                               Breeder member-Mar-Bil Farms, Mt. Crawford, VA


All-Virginia and Junior All-Virginia Awards:

Spring Calf: sponsored by Heiz-Acres, Middlebrook

All-VA and Jr. All-VA: Eastview Wmzip-ET, Maya Apel, bred by Eastview Farm

Reserve All-VA and Reserve All-VA: Eastview CEO Riley-ET, Molly Apel, bred by Eastview Farm

Winter Calf: sponsored by Monta Vista Inc., Harrisonburg

All-VA and Jr. All-VA:          Harvue Damion Febe-ET, Davey Hardesty   Bred by Matt Hardesty

Reserve All-VA and Reserve Jr. All-VA: Ron-Rou Atwood Rosie, Rachel Craun; bred by Ron-Rou Holsteins

Fall Calf: sponsored by Wall Bros. Dairy Inc. Blacksburg

All-VA: Jennings-Gap Perseus Pride, bred and owned by Billie Jo Swope

Reserve All-VA: Harvue Gold Chip Sandie, Eastview Farm and bred by Harvue Farm

Honorable Mention all-VA and Jr. All-VA: Eastview Baby Doll-ET, Erin Saake, bred by Eastview Farm

Summer Heifer calf sponsored by Gloryland Holsteins, Grottoes

All-VA and Jr. All-VA: Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, Rachel Craun and bred by Ron-Rou Holsteins

Spring Yearling sponsored by Spring Run Holsteins, Dayton, VA

All-VA and Jr. All-VA: Harvue Guthrie Emilyn-ET, Davey Hardesty and bred by Matt Hardesty

Reserve All-VA and Reserve Jr. All-VA: Glen-V-DF Annabelle-red-ET, Thomas Grow & Madison Swope, bred by Bryan Laffey

Winter Yearling sponsored by Walkup Holsteins, Harrisonburg, VA

All-VA: Harvue Braxton Firefly-ET, Michael and Lois Skeen, bred by Matt Hardesty

Reserve ALL-VA and Jr. All-VA: Eastview MCC Michelle MG-ET, Erin Saake and bred by Eastview

Fall Yearling sponsored by Ron-Rou Holsteins, Mt. Solon

All-VA: Harvue Braxton Flow-ET, Ashley Hardesty, bred by Davey Hardesty

Reserve All-VA: Harvue Atwood Ginger, Harvue Farms

Honorable Mention All-VA and Jr. All-VA:Harvue Braxton Fairlee-ET, bred and owned by Davey Hardesty

Summer Yearling sponsored by Spring Run Holsteins, Dayton, VA

All VA and Jr. All-VA: Ron-Rou Damion Cinderella, Rachel Craun and bred by Ron-Rou Holsteins

Jr. Best 3 females sponsored by Belair Holsteins, Culpeper

All VA: Harvue Farm

Dry 3 & 4 yr old cow, sponsored by Cherry Dale Farm, Inc, Doswell

All VA and Jr All VA: Gloryland HM Candy-Red, Mikayla Bailey, bred by Wm Hunter McCray

Reserve All VA and Reserve Jr All VA: Mar-Bil Reality Alexa-Red, Kelly Callendar, bred by Kendra Inman/Mar-Bil Farm

Sr. 2 yr old sponsored by M&K Hoof Care, Harrisonburg,VA

All-VA: Eastview Chip Carly-ET, Eastview Farm

Jr. 3 yr old sponsored by Greenmount Grain Roasting, Harrisonburg

All VA and Jr All VA: Walkup Aftershock Flo, Kristina Callendar, bred by Walkup Holsteins

Sr. 3 yr old sponsored by Jareco Farms, Penhook

All VA and Jr. All VA: Harvue Atwood Emily Ann, bred and owned by Matt Hardesty

Four Yr old, sponsored by Walkup Holsteins, Harrisonburg

All VA and Jr. All VA: Harvue Atwood Fox, Davey Hardesty, bred by Matt Hardesty

Reserve All-VA and Reserve Jr. All VA: Harvue Advent Ruby-red, Davey Hardesty, bred by Matt Hardesty

Honorable mention All VA and HM Jr. All VA: Burkdale Lowe-Red, Kelly Callendar, bred by Leon Rhodes

100, 000 pound cow sponsored by Eastview Farm Inc, Beaverdam

All VA and Jr. All VA: Walkup Blitz Trisha, Kelly Callendar, bred by Walkup Holsteins

Produce of Dam sponsored by Harvue Farms, Berryville, VA

All VA and Jr. All VA: Rachel Craun

Reserve All VA: Harvue Farms

Dam and Daughter sponsored by Stoney Run Farms, McGaheysville, VA

All VA: Harvue Farm

Best 3 females sponsored by Ameva Farm, Amelia

All-VA: Harvue         

Breeders Herd sponsored by Jeff and Phyllis Meador, Mt Sidney

 All -VA: Harvue Farm


All-VA Title
All-VA Spring Calf
All-Virginia Winter Calf
All-Virginia Fall Calf
All-Virginia Summer Calf
All-Virginia Spring Yearling
All-Virginia Winter Yearling
All-Virginia Fall Yearling
All-Virginia Summer Yearling
All-Virginia Jr Best Three
All-Virginia Dry 3 and 4
All-Virginia Sr 2
All-Virginia Jr 3
All-Virginia Sr 3
All-Virginia 4 year old
All-Virginia 100,00 Pound Cow
All-Virginia Produce of Dam
All-Virginia Dam and Daughter
All-Virginia Best Three Females
All-Virginia Breeders Herd
Cow Awards Title
2014 PGH Awards
2014 High TPI
2014 High NM
2014 High BAA
2014 High Scoring Cow
2014 High Lifetime Record
2014 High Rolling Herd Average
2014 High Production
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