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2017 Annual Meeting

This year’s annual meeting was held at Dayton United Methodist Church. The morning program included a presentation by Richard Fitzgerald on “Nutrient Management for the 21st Century.” Committee reports were shared with goals and activities for the new year. Proceeding the luncheon, Mykah Smith, Virginia’s alternate dairy princess, gave a milk toast. All-Virginia awards presented by, Heather Shinn assisted by Billie Jo Swope Rhodes. Logan Potts, emcee, introduced Cole Leonard to give a junior association update. He then concluded the lunch program by announcing the genetic, type and annual production awards.

We are thankful for the supportive sponsors of this annual meeting and Virginia Holstein Association throughout the year! Ashby Embryos, Bel-Air Holsteins, Big Spring Mill, Inc, C & C Farm supply, Cherry Dale Farm, CFC Farm and Home center, Dairymen Specialty Company, Inc.,Dayton Veterinary Services, Inc., Doebler’s PA Hybrids, Eastview Farm, Farm Credit of the Virginias, First Bank and Trust Ag Credit, G & M Sales, Greenmount Grain Roasting, Hanover Veterinary Services, Inc.,Harvue Farm, Heiz-Acres, James River Equipment, Jareco farm, Jeff and Phyllis Meador, Jennings Gap Dairy, Doug and Janice Mayhugh, Kevin and Patti Craun, Loudon Milk Transportation, M & K Hoof Care, Mt. Crawford Creamery, Monta-Vista Farm, MD-VA Milk Producers, Renaissance Nutrition, Rilara Holsteins, Ron-Rou Holsteins, Mike and Lois Skeen, Spring Run Farm, Strite’s donuts, Joe Stowers, Southern States, Steve Zirkle, Stox Dairy, Terry Perotti-Trans Ova Genetics, Wall Brothers dairy, and Walkup Holsteins.

Progressive Genetics Herd Award recipients: Mar-Bil Farms, James Cook, Eastview Farm, Melvin Ronk, Byard Rohrer, Monta Vista Inc,, Allen Layman, Alvis Farm LLC, Seth and Ruth Jamison,Virginia Tech Foundation, Kenneth Smith, Robert Stoots, Craig Rodes, Dallera Holstein LLC and Huckleberry Dairy.

Progressive Breeders Registry awards: Dogwood Farm, Eastview Farm, James Cook, Seth and Ruth Jamison and Wall Bros. Dairy

Regional Elite Performers were owned by Mar-Bil Farms (4 cows) and Seth and Ruth Jamison (1 cow)

High Scoring cows, all 94 points were owned by the Hardesty family and Logan Potts.

High BAAs-over 200 cows James Cook 105.4

-100-200 cows Eastview Farm and Melvin Ronk 106.4

-Less than 100 cows Heiz Acres 109.9

High Total Performance Index (TPI): Jareco Modesty Ladybird, TPI 2754 James Cook

High Net Merit: Eastview Sweet Tart LL-ET NM 899 Eastview Farm

Lifetime Record: Harvue HiMetro Barbie 9-10 289,010M 11,332 F 9,470 P

High Production: Harvue Braxton Fairlee-ET 3-10 47,720M 1,506 F 1,350 P

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