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Recipes & Remembrances - Delicious Tomato Soup

While most of the recipes shared can be found, sometimes there are some that didn't make it in the cookbook "Recipes and Remembrances" that are too good not to share! You can never have too many good tomatoe recipes, especially when you find tomotoes flowing from every corner of the garden! This recipe is great to have on hand for a quick and healthy lunch of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese.

Delicious Tomato Soup

Cook together until tender, then put through sieve:

14 quarts chopped ripe tomatoes

7 medium onions

1 bunch celery include leaves

14 sprigs parsley (can use dried)

3 bay leaves

Return juice to kettle and bring to a boil.

Make a paste of 14 tablespoons flour and 14 tablespoons butter, add to boiling soup along with:

*3 tablespoons salt

*8 tablespoons sugar

*2 teasp. pepper or *1 teasp. red pepper.

*Can adjust amounts to your taste.

Stir to prevent scorching. Fill jars and process in water bath for 15 minutes. Makes 10 quarts.

Hint to reduce cooking time—puree onions, celery in a blender before cooking with tomatoes.

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