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2021 VA Holstein Spring Show

May 1, 2021 • Judge Carly Shaw, Maryland

Submitted by Terry Perotti

This year, we were able to have a spring show thanks to our generous sponsors, show committee and volunteers! Join us on August 7th for our summer show!

Showmanship results:

Senior Showmanship placings:

1. Madison Sifford, 2. Salem Sifford, 3. JD Brown II, 4. Rachel Craun

Intermediate division placings:

1. Ayla Janney, 2. Sarah Craun, 3. Maggie Toothman, 4.Kylee Seats

Junior showmanship:

1.Sedona Sifford, 2. Madeline Branch, 3. Reagan Tompkins, 4. Henry Hardesty


Kenzie Dellinger

Peewee participants: Bryce Tompkins, Heidi Hardesty, McKinley Branch, Wyatt Crouse

Winter calves (12): 1st and 1st jr: My-Type Delight Anny-ET, Madeline Branch, 2nd and 2nd jr: Pineyvale Warrior Legacy, Ayla Janney, 3rd and 3rd jr: Ryan-Vu Select Package, Reagan Tompkins

Fall calves (15): 1st Jennings-Gap W Even-Up-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes, 2nd and 1st jr: Harvue Doorman Freckles-ET, Henry Hardesty, 3rd Jennings-Gap Denver Echo-ET, 4th and 2nd Jr: Ms Harrietts Drman Harper-ET, Sifford’s, 5th and 3rd jr: Ron-Rou Undenied Casey-ET, Rachel Craun

Summer calves (8): 1st B-Pride Tatoo Fate, M&A Hardesty, J Bingham, 2nd: ZBW M Doorman La Corona, Cole Strickland, 3rd and 1st Jr: Borderview Raptor Sarah-ET, Sifford’s, 4th and 2nd Jr: Ron-Rou Tattoo Courtney, Rachel Craun, 5th Stox Moovin Kadence, Daubert’s, 6th and 3rd Jr: Pennwood Sidekick Ballet, Reagan Tompkins

Spring Yearlings (7): 1st Harvue Denver Francesca-ET, Hardesty’s, 2nd and 1st Jr: Pineyvale Awesome Acorn, Ayla Janney, 3rd and 2nd Jr: JBR Jordy Alaska*RC, Maggie Toothman, 4th and 3rd Jr: Borderview Unix Polly-ET, Siffords

Winter Yearling (7): 1st and 1st Jr: Harvue Doc Gold, Carly Gallahan, 2nd and 2nd jr: PWW Jordy Coco-Red, Madeline and McKinley Branch, 3rd and 3rd Jr: Stox Altitude Snowflake-Red, Hayley Daubert

Fall Yearlings (4): 1st: Reyncrest Avlanche Pixie-ET, Billie Jo Rhodes, 2nd and 1st jr: Harvue Flashy Lee, Sifford’s, 3rd and 2nd Jr: Stox American Savanna-Red, Hayley Daubert, 4th and 3rd jr: Hockett-DS Awe Danni-Red-ET, JD Brown

Jr. Champ.-Youth: Henry Hardesty, Harvue Doorman Freckles-ET Res Jr. Champ-Youth: Salem, Madison & Sedona Sifford – Borderview Raptor Sarah-ET

Jr. Champ.-Open: M&A Hardesty, J Bingham – B-Pride Tatoo Fate Res Jr Champ.-Open: Billie Jo Rhodes, Jennings-Gap W Even Up-ET RC

Junior Best 3 Females: 1-Harvue, 2 and 1st Jr-Sifford’s, 3 and 2nd Jr- Hayley Daubert, 4 and 3rd Jr-Rachel Craun

Dry cow (4): 1st and 1st Jr: Car-J Hypnotic Diamond-ET, Sifford’s, 2nd and 2nd Jr: Harvue Jordy Bahama-Red, 3rd Stox Undeniably Kokomo, 4th and 3rd Jr: White-Switch Lboy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert

Unfresh Jr. 2 year old (4): 1st and 1st Jr: MD-Maple Lawn Tatoo Clara, JD Brown, 2nd Stox Altitude Tinkerbell-Red, Daubert’s, 3rd and 2nd Jr Lake Effect UD Dahlia-ET, JD Brown, 4th and 3rd Jr: Buffalo-Creek Crzytrain-Red, Sifford’s

Jr. 2 year old (1): 1st and 1st Jr: Witching Hour King Doc Deeva, JD Brown

Sr. 2 year old (6): 1st and 1st Jr: Keystone Solomon Amanda, Rachel Craun, 2nd Horstyle Doorman Kassidy-ET, Daubert’s, 3rd and 2nd Jr: Witchinghour GC Carson, JD Brown, 4th and 3rd Jr: Stox Unstopabull Surprise-Red, Hayley Daubert

Jr. 3 year old (1): 1st and 1st Jr: Harvue Doorman Fiat-ET, Sifford’s

Sr. 3 year old (2): 1st an 1st Jr: Janney Drmn Gin N Rose, Ayla Janney, Best Bred and Owned of the show, 2nd and 2nd Jr: R-Morris Rookie Izzy, Katie Woolf

4 year old (2): 1st and 1st Jr: Hammock Amaze 6536, Jack Hammock, 2nd and 2nd Jr: Keystone Sid Destiny, Rachel Craun

5 year old (1): 1st and 1st Jr: Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop, Ayla Janney, * Best Udder of the Show

Aged Cow (1): 1st White Switch ABS Steph-Red, Daubert’s

Grand Champ.-Open & Youth, Best Udder: Ayla Janney – Pineyvale McCutch Lollypop

Res. Grand Champ.-Open & Youth & Best Bred and Owned-Open: Ayla Janney – Janney Dman Gin N Rose

Dam and Daughter (6): 1-Ayla Janney, 2-Hayley Daubert, 3-JD Brown

Produce of Dam (3): 1-Rachel Craun, 2- Rebecca and Jeremy Daubert, 3-Madison Sifford

Best 3 Females (1): JD Brown

Breeders Herd (2): 1-JD Brown, 2-Daubert’s

Premier Breeder: Harvue Farms

Premier Exhibitor: STOX Dairy


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