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2017 Spring Show

This year’s Virginia Spring Show was held on April 1, at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. The dairy barn was full as it was the largest in years with 86 head placed by Mary Creek, Palmyra Farm of Hagerstown, MD. Judge Creek also presented a showing and fitting workshop the night before the show to youth from all over Virginia.

Our generous sponsors and volunteers made this a very successful show-Margie Ann Dick, Patty Leonard, Rachel Smith, Mike Hendrix, Emma Brown and Dairy Princess royalty, Jeff Meador, Kristy McComb, and Lindsey Heizer.

The day began 23 participants in the youth showmanship contest, resulting in the following placings:

Peewee: Trey Daubert

Novice: 1st-Maggie Toothman, 2nd Bryer Bryant, 3rd Emery Nuckols

Junior: 1st place- Sarah Craun

Intermediate: 1st place-Rachel Craun, 2nd place-Arlie Eye, 3rd place- Hayley Daubert, 4th place- Jack Hammock, 5th place- JD Brown II, 6th Cassidy Lam, 7 Meredith Day, 8th Landon Bailey

Senior: 1st place- Madelynn Jordan, 2nd place- Mykah Smith, 3rd place- Elizabeth Rhodes, 4th Logan Potts, 5th Jordin Brown, 6th Maya Apel, 7th Ezra Smith, 8th Nathan Pennell, 9th Megan Day, 10th Bridgett Landis

After a competitive showmanship contest, the type classes began. Judge Creek’s junior champion of the day was Eastview Airlift Icing, the winning summer yearling bred and exhibited by Eastview Farms. Reserve went to 2nd place summer yearling (unfresh Jr. 2 yr old) Harvue Gold Chip Fern owned by Ashley Hardesty. Junior Champion of this year’s youth show went to the winning summer calf, MD Maple Dell Mont Sable-ET, recently purchased by JD Brown II at the Carroll County calf sale. Sarah Craun’s first place Spring yearling, Oakland-View Daytona-red-ET was chosen as the Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show.

The judge found a beautiful, correct red cow who was ‘right on the money’ in Billie Jo Swope’s Aged cow, Jennings-Gap Scre Macey-red as the Senior and Grand Champion of the show. Reserve Senior and Grand champion was the winning four year old, Pottsdale Domain Rumrais-ET, bred and owned by Dogwood Farm.

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion - Open Show

The Junior Show Senior and Grand Champion was the winning Senior 3 year old, Ron-Rou Atwood Rosie, owned by Rachel Craun. Reserve Senior and Grand was awarded to White-Switch LBoy Susie Q-Red, a red five year old exhibited by Hayley Daubert.

Grand and Reserve Grand Champion - Youth Show

Additional recognition for Best Bred and Owned were given to, Elizabeth Rhodes in the Junior Show, with her Sr. 2 year old, C-Rhodes-FT Ladd Vienna*RC, and Billie Jo Swope in the Open Show, with the Grand champion, Macey-Red. Billie Jo Swope was also named Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor of the show!

Best Bred and Owned - Youth

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor - Jennings Gap Dairy

Top 3 Open and Junior Results were as follows:

Winter Calf (10): 1st Open and Jr.- Windy-Knoll-View BChanel-ET, Sarah Craun, 2nd Open and Jr.- S-A-Z Elude Avery, Maggie Toothman, 3rd open-Peaks-View Desird Tastee, Zachary Seekford, 5th and 3rd Junior-Stox Agent Star-red, Hayley Daubert

Fall Calf (11): 1st Open.- Harvue Gold Chip Evie-ET, Cole Strickland, 2nd Open and 1st Jr.- Raggi Primetime Caramel, Jordin Brown, 3rd Open and 2nd Jr.- Keystone Sid Destiny, Rachel Craun, 4th Open S-A-Z Meridian Mercie, Steve Zirkle

Summer Calf (11): 1st Open and 1st Jr.- MD Maple Dell Mont Sable-ET, JD Brown II, 2nd.- Pottsdale Atwood Rainelle, Dogwood 3rd Open Jennings Gap C Exquisite, Billie Jo Swope, 4th Open and 2rd Jr.- Jordan Bros. Addiction Bertha-Red, Madelynn Jordan, 8th open and 3rd jr. Tri-Koebel Acme 4571-ET exh. Hayley Daubert

Spring Yearling (12): 1st Open and 1st Jr.Oakland-View Daytona-Red-ET, Sarah Craun2nd Open Harvue Atwood Lauralee-ET, Harvue Farms, 3rd Open and 2nd Jr- Woodmansees LVG Deena-Red, JD Brown II, 4th open and 3rd Jr-Eastview Denote Emilou-Red, Bryer Bryant

Winter Yearling (6): 1st Open and Jr.- Pottsdale Defiant Swissmiss, Logan Potts and Christine Rindfleisch, 2nd open and 2nd Jr. Stox Alacazam Sugarplum-Red, Hayley Daubert, 3rd open Golden-Oaks Latenight Lover, Billie Jo Swope, 5th and 3rd jr. S-A-Z Golden Dreams Britni, Ezra Smith,

Fall Yearling (5): 1st Open Butlerview Door Aero-ET, Billie Jo Swope, 2nd Open and 1st Jr.- Eastview Crisp Avery-ET, Maya Apel 3rd Open and 2nd Jr- S-A-Z Golden Dreams Abby, Mykah Smith 4th Open and 3rd Jr.- Strawberry Acres Kongo-Jordin Brown

Summer Yearling (Unfresh Jr.2) (6): 1st Open- Eastview Airlift Icing, Eastview Farm 2nd Open Harvue Gold Chip Fern-ET, Ashley Hardesty 3rd open KJHP II Attitude Lilac, Steve Zirkle, 5th and 2nd Jr. Ms Motley McCutchen 903, Nathan Pennell (Adam Motley), 6th open and 3rd jr. C-Rhodes-FT Lad Villain-Red, Elizabeth Rhodes

Junior Best 3 Females: 1st Harvue, 2nd Eastview, 3rd Dogwood

Dry Cow: 1st Open and Jr.- S-A-Z Goldsun Fancy, Ezra Smith

Jr. Two-year old (2): 1st open-Jareco Megasire Brinkley, Jeremy and Becky Daubert, 2nd open-Stiles Monterey 4188-ET, Zach and Emma Seekford

Sr. Two-year-old(8): 1st Open- Peace&Plenty WBRK Ragae-ET, Lois Skeen, 2nd Open Peaks-View Magnus Gisele, Peaks View Dairy 3rd Open and 1st Jr- C-Rhodes-FT Ladd Vienna-RC, Elizabeth Rhodes 6th open and 2nd Jr. Hammock Shottle 5314, Jack Hammock, 7th and 3rd Jr. Gloryland-HM Miranda-Red, Cassidy Lam

Jr. Three-year-old (2): 1st Open-Jennings-Gap Javas Jade*RC, 2nd Open and 1st Jr, 2nd Open- Underground Tammys Tahiti, Jack Hammock

Sr. Three-year-old (2): 1st Open and 1st Jr.- Ron-Rou Atwood Rosie, Rachel Craun, 2nd open-Toyland Bradnick Penelope, Heather Shinn

Four-year-old (6): 1st Open Pottsdale Domain Rumrais-ET, Dogwood Farm, 2nd Open- Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, Heather Shinn, 3rd open and 1st Jr. S-A-Z Goldsun Bettina, Mykah Smith, 5th open and 2nd Jr. Lo-Pine Durchan Maybe, Cassidy Lam, 6th opend and 3rd Jr. Lucky Butke Atwood Remy, Bridgett Landis

Five-year-old (1):1st Open and 1st Jr. White-Switch Lboy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert

Aged Cow (4): 1st Open –Jennings-Gap Scre Macey-Red, Billie Jo Swope, 2nd open-Lo-Pine Amazing Monica, Terry Perotti, 3rd open-Jennings-Gap Secr Josie-Red, Billie Jo Swope, 4th open and 1st Jr. C-Rhodes-FT Ared Maggie-RC, Elizabeth Rhodes

Dam & Daughter: 1st Open and Jr.- Hayley Daubert, 2nd Open-Billie Jo Swope, 3rd and 2nd Jr. Cassidy Lam

Produce of Dam: 1st open-Billie Jo Swope, 2nd open and 1st Jr. Hayley Daubert

Best Three Females: 1st Open- Billie Jo Swope, 2nd Peaks-View Dairy, 3rd STOX

Breeders Herd: 1st Billie Jo Swope, 2nd Peaks-View Dairy

Premier Breeder: Jennings-Gap Dairy, Billie Jo Swope

Premier Exhibitor: Jennings-Gap Dairy, Billie Jo Swope

*The Virginia Holstein Association would like to thank the many sponsors of the spring show and remind exhibitors that the All-VA and Jr. All-VA award applications will be due October 1st. They would also like to thank Jeff Meador of Select Sire Power for donating 10 units of Beemer semen for the silent auction, and Steve Zirkle , Strites Donuts and Shamrock Farms for delicious, morning refreshments.

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