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2018 Virginia Holstein Spring Show

About fifty head were shown at the 2018 Virginia Spring Show held on Saturday, April 7, at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg. Judge Michael Creek, from Hagerstown, Maryland , met with the youth before they started showing and fitting classes that morning, to give them some tips and let them know what he was looking for in a successful showperson.

Despite the snowy weather forecast, our generous sponsors and volunteers made this a successful show-David Winston, Rachel Smith, Mike Hendrix, VA Dairy Princess Mykah Smith and VA Alternate Dairy Princess Caroline Adkins, Lois Skeen, Matt Switzer, and Debbie Cornman. Luckily, it did not start blowing snow until the show was over around 1 pm.

The day began 15 participants in the youth showmanship contest, resulting in the following placings:

Peewee: Trey Daubert, Austin Eye, Henry Hardesty

Novice: 1st-Jess Jordan, 2nd Madelyn Adkins

Junior: 1st place- Sarah Craun

Intermediate: 1st place-Hayley Daubert, 2nd place-Regan Jackson, 3rd place- Rachel Craun, 4th place-Arlie Eye, 5th place- JD Brown II

Senior: 1st place- Madelynn Jordan, 2nd place- Cassidy Lam, 3rd place- Jordin Brown, 4th- Bridgett Landis

After the showing and fitting contest at 10 AM, the type classes began. Judge Creek’s named his junior champion of the day--Harvue Duckett Drmn Gin-ET, the winning Fall Yearling, bred and exhibited by Harvue Farms and M&J Duckett. The reserve rosette went to 1st place Spring yearling (also best bred and owned of the class), Harvue Airlift Fifi-ET owned by Henry Hardesty with grandparents, David and Debbie Hardesty . Junior Champion of this year’s junior show was the winning summer calf, Windy Knoll View R Princess, owned and exhibited by Regan Jackson. Hayley Daubert’s Spring yearling, Stox Defiant Pansy 163-Red-ET was chosen as the Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show.

Open Show Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion

Youth Show Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion

The judge complimented all of the breeders and exhibitors for their dedication and quality of animals they brought to the show, despite the cold weather. Billie Jo Swope’s stunning Senior 3 year old, Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki, a Wabash-Way Elite daughter handily won the Grand Champion and Senior Champion awards of the Open show. She was also named Best Udder of the show. Reserve Senior and Grand champion was the winning Five year old, Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, owned and exhibited by our show chairperson, Heather Shinn.

Open Show Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

The Virginia Junior Show Senior and Grand Champion was the 2nd place Five year old, Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, owned by Rachel Craun. She was also the Best Bred and Owned cow of the Open Show. Reserve Senior and Grand Champion was presented to the winning Junior 3 Year old, Lo-Pine-VA Barbwire Mariah*RC bred and owned by Cassidy Lam.

Youth Show Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

The Production award, sponsored by Ameva Farms went to STOX Dairy, the Daubert family. The Daubert’s were also named Premier Exhibitor of the Virginia Spring Show. Terry Perotti (LO-PINE-VA) graciously accepted the Premier Breeder recognition this year.

Premier Exhibitor - STOX Dairy, The Daubert Family
Premier Breeder - Lo-Pine-VA, Terry Perotti & Cassidy Lam

Top 3 Open and Junior Results were as follows:

Winter Calf (3): 1st Open and Jr.- Toyland Defiant Stella, Heather Shinn, 2nd Open and 1st junior-Jennings-Gap S Ariel-ET *RC, Rachel and Sarah Craun 3rd Open-Peaks-View R Sweetpea-Red, Emma Seekford

Fall Calf (14): 1st Open-Toyland Jacoby Sangria-ET, Heather Shinn, 2nd Open-Toyland Jacoby Sophia-ET, Heather Shinn 3rd Open –Jennings-Gap Slmn Apache-ET*RC, Billie Jo Swope, 4th Open and 1st Jr-Downtoearth Honeybun (Solomon) Bridgett Landis, 6thOpen and 2nd Jr-Ms Amanda Nunes-ET (Sid) JD Brown II, 10th Open and 3rd Jr-Ron-Rou Atwood Clarisse, Rachel Craun

Summer Calf (2): 1st Open –Jennings-Gap O Appletini*RC, Billie Jo Swope 2nd Open and 1st Jr-Windy-Knoll-View R Princess, Regan Jackson

Spring Yearling (7): 1st Open-Harvue Airlift Fifi-ET, Henry Hardest/David and Debbie Hardesty, 2nd Open –Golden-Oaks Carmella-ET (Byway), Billie Jo Swope, 3rd Open and 1st Jr-STOX Defiant Pansy 163-Red, Hayley Daubert, 5th Open and 2nd Jr-Spring-Run Exactly Jewel, Arlie Eye, 6th Open and 3rd Jr.-Witching Hour WC GC Deeza, JD Brown II

Winter Yearling (3): 1st Peaks-View Desird Tastee, Zach Seekford, 2nd Open-Harvue Gold Chip Evie, Cole Strickland, 3rd Open and 1st Jr-Windy-Knoll-View B Chanel-ET, Rachel and Sarah Craun

Fall Yearling (3): 1st Open Harvue Duckett Drmn Gin-ET, Harvue Farms, 2nd Open and 1st Jr.- Keystone Sid Destiny, Rachel Craun, 3rd Open and 2nd Jr- Raggi Primetime Caramel, Jordin Brown

Summer Yearling (Unfresh Jr.2) (2): 1st Open- Oakfield Brady Dojo-ET, Jeremy and Becky Daubert ,2nd Open and 1st Jr-Md-Maple-Dell Mont Sable-ET, JD Brown II

Junior Best 3 Females: 1st Harvue, 2nd Jennings Gap, 3rd Heather Shinn

Jr. Two-year old (3): 1st Open-Tri-Koebel Acme 4571-ET, Jeremy and Becky Daubert, 2nd Open and 1st Jr-Oakland-View Daytona-Red-ET, Sarah Craun, 3rd Open and 2nd Jr. -Woodmansees LVG Deena-Red, JD Brown II

Sr. Two-year-old (2): 1st Open- Butlerview Door Aero-ET, Billie Jo Swope 2nd Open and 1st Jr-STOX Alacazam Sugarplum-Red, Hayley Daubert

Jr. Three-year-old (3): 1st Open and 1st Jr- Lo-Pine-VA Barbwire Mariah*RC, Cassidy Lam , 2nd Open-Stiles Monterey 4188-ET, Peaks-View Dairy, 3rd Open-Jareco Megasire Brinkley, Jeremy and Becky Daubert

Sr. Three-year-old (2): 1st Open-Heiz-Acres Elite Zaliki, Jennings Gap Dairy, 2nd Open-Peaks-View Magnus Gisele, Peaks-View Dairy

Four-year-old (2): 1st Open and 1st Jr-Mar-Bil Galaxy 1761, Madelynn Jordan, 2nd Open-Lo-Pine-VA Sterling Leela*PO, Terry Perotti

Five-year-old (2):1st Open-Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, Heather Shinn, 2nd Open and 1st Jr-Ron-Rou Gold Chip Clair, Rachel Craun

Dam & Daughter: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places-Heather Shinn, 4th Open and 1st Jr.-Madelynn Jordan

Produce of Dam: 1st Billie Jo Swope, 2nd Heather Shinn, 3rd and 1st Jr.-JD Brown II

Best Three Females: 1st Peaks-View Dairy (The Seekford’s)

*The Virginia Holstein Association would like to thank the many sponsors of the Spring Show and remind exhibitors that the All-VA and Jr. All-VA award applications will be due October 1st.

They would also like to thank Wayne Waggy for donating 5 units of BYWAY semen for the silent auction. The Juniors going to Michigan for the National Holstein Convention, held in June, provided hot soups, chili, drinks and other snacks for everyone to enjoy. They accepted donations towards their trip expenses.

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