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2019 Virginia Holstein Spring Show

On Saturday, April 6, just shy of 50 animals paraded across the shavings at the 2019 Virginia Spring Show at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg. Judge Tammie Stiles from Woodstock, Virginia met with the juniors before they started showing and fitting classes that morning, to give them some tips and let them know what she was looking for during showing and fitting classes.

It turned out to be a nice day and our generous sponsors and volunteers made this a successful show-David Winston, Rachel Smith, Jessica Harris, Katie Reames, Mike Hendrix, Lois Skeen, Debbie Cornman and Dairy Princess royalty-Allison Bailey, Bianca Brensinger, Elizabeth Goodwin and Katie Woolf. Steve Zirkle sponsored donuts for exhibitors for show morning.

The day began 16 participants in the youth showmanship contest, resulting in the following placings:

Peewee: Alivia Hewitt, Colton Hewitt, Heidi Hardesty, Henry Hardesty, Sedona Sifford, Trey Daubert

Novice: 1st-William Hewitt

Junior: 1st place- Maggie Toothman

Intermediate: 1st place-Sarah Craun 2nd place-Ayla Janney 3rd place- Hayley Daubert 4th place-Salem Sifford 5th place- Rachel Craun 6th JD Brown II

Senior: 1st place- Madison Sifford 2nd place- Jordin Brown

After the showing and fitting contest at 10 AM, the type classes began. Judge Stiles named her junior champion of the day—Harvue Undenied Foxglove-ET, the winning fall calf, bred and exhibited by Matthew Hardesty. The reserve award went to 1st place summer calf, Harvue Jordy Bahama-Red, owned by JD Brown II. Junior Champion of this year’s junior show was the winning summer calf, JD Brown’s Bahama-red. Madison and Salem Sifford’s (new exhibitors to our spring show) winter yearling, Car-J Leverage Belong was chosen as the Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show, bred by Carlton Willard, NC.

The judge complimented all of the breeders and exhibitors for the quality of animals they brought to this year’s show.

Ayla Janney’s stunning Senior 2 year old, Savage-Leigh Style-In-ET, a Goldwyn daughter, bred by Chip Savage, MD handily won the Grand Champion and Senior Champion awards of both the Open and Junior shows. She was also named Best Udder of the show. Reserve Senior and Grand champion, for the second year in a row was presented to the winning aged cow, Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, owned and exhibited by our show chairperson, Heather Shinn and bred by Gerald Yoder.

The Virginia Junior Show reserve senior and reserve Grand Champion was the second prize aged cow, Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, owned by Rachel Craun and bred by her mother Patti Craun. Honorable mention for champion cow was Jareco Megasire Brinkley, 1st four year old, owned by Jeremy and Becky Daubert. Terry Perotti’s Lo-Pine-VA Braz Malificent, the winning senior 3 year old was Best Bred and Owned cow of the open show. Hayley Daubert’s Stox Agent Star 160-Red was the best bred and owned cow of the junior show

The Production award, sponsored by Ameva Farms went to Hayley Daubert with her veteran show cow White-Switch LBoy Suzie Q-Red. The Daubert’s (STOX dairy) were presented with the Premier Exhibitor prize of the Show. Harvue Farms graciously accepted Premier Breeder recognition this year.

Top 3 Open and Junior Results were as follows:

Winter Calf (5): 1st Open and 1st Jr. - Harvue Unix Lizzie, Madison and Salem Sifford 2nd Open and 2nd junior-Stox Unstopabull Pearl-Red, Hayley Daubert 3rd Open and 3rd Jr-Ron-Rou Defiant Reba, Rachel and Sarah Craun

Fall Calf (8): 1st Open-Harvue Undenied Foxglove-ET, Rose Marie O’Malley 2nd Open, 1st Jr-Harvue Undenied Fairfax-ET, Madison and Salem Sifford 3rd open and 2nd Jr Witching Hour GC Carson, Jordin Brown 5th and 3rd Jr LLR Luck of the Irish-ET, JD Brown II

Summer Calf (7): 1st open and 1st Jr Harvue Jordy Bahama-Red, JD Brown II 2nd Open and 2nd Jr. Middland-View JG PB Pie-ET, Hayley Daubert, 3rd open and 3rd Jr. Ron-Rou Defiant Destin, Sarah Craun

Spring Yearling (3): 1st Open-Harvue Doorman France-ET, Ashley Hardesty 2nd Open –Harvue Doorman Florence-ET, Ashley Hardesty 3rd Open and 1st Jr-Harvue Doorman Fiat-ET, Madison and Salem Sifford

Winter Yearling (3): 1st open and 1st Jr Car-J Leverage Belong, Madison and Salem Sifford 2nd Open-Toyland Defiant Stella, Heather Shinn, 3rd Open and 2nd Jr. Stox Defiant Sapphire-Red, Hayley Daubert

Fall Yearling (8): 1st Open -DucketHarvue Slmn Gaby-ET, Harvue, 2nd Open Toyland Jacoby Sangria, Heather Shinn 3rd Open and 1st Jr- Janney Doorman Dolly, Ayla Janney

Unfresh Junior 2 year old (1): 1st Open and 1st Jr Witching Hour GC Fable, Jordin Brown

Junior Best 3 Females: 1st Harvue, 2nd Heather Shinn, 3rd and 1st Jr. Hayley Daubert

Sr. Two-year-old (3): 1st Open and 1st Jr Savage-Leigh Style-In, Ayla Janney 2nd Open and 2nd Jr-STOX Agent Star 160-Red, Hayley Daubert, 3rd open and 3rd Jr. S-A-Z Elude Avery, Maggie Toothman

Sr. Three-year-old (1): 1st Open-Lo-Pine-VA Braz Malificent, Terry Perotti

Four-year-old (3): 1st Open-Jareco Megasire Brinkley, 2nd Open and 1st Jr Gloryland-HM Miranda-Red, Cassidy Lam, 3rd open Pottsdale Defiant Sunni-Red, Jeff Smith

Five-year-old (1):1st Open- Lo-Pine-VA Sterling Leela*PO, Terry perotti

Aged Cow (2): 1st Open Central-GA Atwood Selina-ET, Heather Shinn, 2nd open and 1st Jr Ron-Rou Gold Chip Claire, Rachel Craun

100,000 lb. cow (1): 1st open and 1st Jr White-Switch LBoy Susie Q-Red, Hayley Daubert

Dam & Daughter: 1st -Heather Shinn 2nd open and 1st Jr. Hayley Daubert

Produce of Dam: 1st Heather Shinn

*The Virginia Holstein Association would like to thank the many sponsors of the Spring Show and remind exhibitors that the All-VA and Jr. All-VA award applications will be due October 1st. Thanks also to Dayton Vets/ST Genetics for donating 10 units of Appleway semen for the silent auction. The juniors headed to Wisconsin for the National Holstein Convention in June, provided hot soups, chili, sandwiches, drinks and other snacks for donations.

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